Robert Selkowitz - Painter's Path Books

A Painter's Path through the Adirondack Mountains


Features a master map & detail maps ~ showing where the 81 paintings in this book were set. It leads a guided journey through the peaks, gorges, lakes and rivers of this inspiring landscape, offering an introduction for newcomers and a reverie of recognition for old timers.
"...Perhaps more perfectly than any artist of the Adirondacks, Selkowitz transmits the beautiful rhythms and harmonies of the repeated form in the scene
- the wonderful rise and dip of a line of mountains in the distance, or the staccato rhythm of a row of pine trees..."

A Painter's Path Through the Adironack Mountains: $24.95, $30 post paid (NY residents please add 8% sales tax). Purchase




A Painter's Path through the Catskill Mountains


Landscapes in Pastels © 2005 Robert Selkowitz ~ 115 pages full color book published by Mountain Arts / Catskill Press A journey through the Catskill Park with a series of maps showing where the 50 pastels, reproduced in full color, were painted. Contact the artist for purchase information.


A Painter's Path on Cape Breton Island


This Selkowitz Painter's Path book takes the reader through the many marvelous land and seascapes of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The book features 93 color plates and 11 maps showing where the paintings were set. Contact the artist for further information on this Painter's Path book.