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Nancy Winternight, MPS, is an artist, humanistic educator, women’s counselor, and spiritual teacher who has created formats for personal growth and transformation.

Nancy blends her background in art, human development, humanistic education, and ascension to provide an uplifting, yet practical approach to recreating our personal realities. She believes we are the creators of a new earth, and it is our personal and collective responsibility to use the energies available to us to express our talents as fully as possible, thus changing the world. We have much to offer the world - to change, nourish, and heal. Our spirit and voice are essential. Transformation begins with each one of us.


Nancy Winternight - Artist Statement
"My paintings express my experience as a woman, and a spiritual being. Often my figures are flying – above the sea and pilot whales, or the mountains and hills, perhaps covered in wild roses. There is a play between inspiration and expression of spirit – as I feel inspired, I express that feeling: putting the feelings into form seems imperative, sometimes as a way to transcendence, sometimes simply to express the joy of being in a very beautiful place.
My art can be alchemical: I can transmute my experience by painting, thereby releasing my spirit from whatever binds it to the earth, making the act of painting personally and spiritually transformative.

People who see my paintings often have two responses: one, “why are the figures flying?” and two, “Chagall!” To the first I say, it is that expression of spirit. I don’t fly in my dreams - it’s more the way I feel in my waking state. To the second I say, I believe Chagall was also depicting spirit in his work. Interestingly, he came from a little village in Russia very near to where my own grandparents did. I don’t know if there is a cultural connection, or we are simply kindred spirits.
Director of the Museum of American Folk Art Gerard Wertkin has said my work possesses “a mystic sense of the transcendent spirit (and power!) of women. There is also an uplifting quality to the work, which is quite engaging.”

Nancy Winternight Biography

Nancy Winternight received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from Cornell University and Master’s degree in Humanistic Education from the State University of New York, College at New Paltz.

An artist and practitioner of Siddha Yoga meditation for 30 years, she has studied expressive arts with Natalie Rogers, daughter of Humanistic Psychologist Carl Rogers, and was a leader in the international network of No Limits for Women Artists, based on Re-evaluation Counseling. In 1993 she began channeling, and now uses this ability to draw upon healing energies of higher consciousness for those participating in her transformational workshops and individual counseling sessions.

She has established Winternight Transformational Guidance through which she offers her work. She has also written a handbook, The Journey Deeper: Visions for Healing & Change.

Winternight offers three types of experiential workshops, appropriate for conferences, businesses, healing centers and circles, formatted for your group’s needs.

Using techniques of re-evaluation and expressive arts, participants can define visions for change in their lives, clarify goals, and through a process of inner-discovery, express purpose in new and meaningful ways.
Ultimately, it is the meaning we find in our work that determines our sense of purposefulness or fulfillment, and when meaning is found at soul-level, it has a profound effect on us in terms of attitude, vitality and excitement.