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The images artist Robert Selkowitz creates in oil and pastel bring to the viewer a sense of spiritual renewal and healing. The paintings depict real places where nature offers recreation to the human spirit, easing stress and strengthening life force. Robert is a leader in the Arts in Healthcare movement, which recognizes the healing power of art.

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photo by: Pierre Provencal
"That’s where I want to be!" is often the first response of a viewer of a Robert Selkowitz painting. The paintings have the power to bring the experience of being there in a place where tension melts and life is enjoyed.

Through his Sunlight Studio, located in Ashokan, New York, near the historic Woodstock art colony, Robert has coordinated the building of art collections for healthcare facilities, bringing additional artists into a group and publishing their work, along with his own, in photoprint editions. He has developed connections with Arts in Healthcare facilitators throughout the world. Front Porch, a non-profit organization which operates retirement, active adult living, skilled nursing and affordable housing communities, is publishing a 2007 calendar featuring porch paintings by Robert Selkowitz. Front Porch represents Robert’s combined interests in arts and healthcare and communities of aspiration. "I have been creating painting using porches and verandas as settings for the compositions for about 25 years. They had a universal appeal and people bought them for their homes and offices. I chose the compositions because there was an aspect that arrested my attention, there was a beauty I felt that could be translated to a painting and felt by the viewer."
Besides his original work in oil and pastels, Robert’s images are available in serigraphs, giclees, laserprints, posters, note cards and postcards.
Robert Selkowitz - Artist Statement
photo by: Michael Saporito
I am a landscape painter and I paint what I see. When I see something that strikes me as beautiful, that inspires a feeling of excitement through my eyes, that’s what I want to paint. My paintings and drawings convey the experience of nature and the landscape to inspire both stimulation and tranquility by embodying an emotional reality of rejuvenation.

For me, creating a painting is a combination of heart and mind. I have to fall in love with the Beauty of what I am seeing, and also need to see the emerging composition, the strategy for making a painting from this initial vision. For me, the alchemy of my art is the instilling of life in the work, which is felt by the viewer. more


Robert Selkowitz' Lectures and Articles

Robert’s focus on the powerful renewing aspect of art is the result of years of tireless travel and research. He has sought out places where this energy is palpable, studying dozens of Communities of Aspiration which grew in response to the renewing sense of place which nurtured these feelings. He has created a body of work representing a diverse North American landscape from Seaside, Florida to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, from Telluride, Colorado to Chautauqua, New York. Robert has lectured and led art workshops in many of these places.


Robert Selkowitz Books
photo by:John Gillis, Inverness Oran
The "Painter's Path" books by Robert Selkowitz are filled with beautiful reproductions of his works in pastels and oils. Choosing the landscapes he is most moved by and familiar with, the two books feature work done in the Catskills Mountains of New York State, and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Find out more here.