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Winternight offers three types of experiential workshops, appropriate for conferences, businesses, healing centers and circles, formatted for your group’s needs.

Using techniques of re-evaluation, expressive arts, and deep meditation, participants can define visions for change in their lives, clarify goals, and through a process of inner-discovery, express purpose in new and meaningful ways.
Ultimately, it is the meaning we find in our work that determines our sense of purposefulness or fulfillment, and when meaning is found at soul-level, it has a profound effect on us in terms of attitude, vitality and excitement.

Robert’s focus on the powerful renewing aspect of art is the result of years of tireless travel and research. He has sought out places where this energy is palpable, studying dozens of Communities of Aspiration which grew in response to the renewing sense of place which nurtured these feelings. He has created a body of work representing a diverse North American landscape from Seaside, Florida to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, from Telluride, Colorado to Chautauqua, New York. Robert has lectured and led art workshops in many of these places.