Nancy Winternight Workshop - Girls’ WAVE: We Are Very Expressive - A self-esteem building program

Girls’ WAVE is an integration of learning and fun, combining self-esteem building activities with the expressive arts (creative movement, painting, drawing, clay, collage, maskmaking, sound, and writing). Girls don’t realize they’re learning while engaged in the Girls’ WAVE experience. They just know they’re having a good time being and expressing who they are.
Some of the topics covered in Girls’ WAVE are: what we like and what’s hard about being girls; when we feel good about ourselves, and what embarrasses us; authentic emotion; strategies for coping with betrayal; how women’s roles have changed – our mothers’ lives and our own visions for the future; and celebrating our connections with each other. The process works equally well for girls ages 9-18.
Mean Girls?
Most disturbing is the prevalence of the Mean Girls syndrome in schools today. In order to find social acceptance, girls are willing to betray their closest friends in sometimes very cruel ways. Our traditional competitive model has undermined female connectedness and silenced girls’ voices in relationship. Girls need to re-develop trust in each other through cooperative action. Girls’ WAVE offers girls the experience of supporting each other.
What girls have said about Girls’ WAVE

  • I like having the chance to talk about my feelings where it feels safe and I know nobody will talk about it. 4th grader

  • I like being able to express myself and talk about things that happen to me. 4th grader
  • I like doing movement and clay. I don’t do that a lot. It’s different from all other classes. 5th grader
  • I enjoy talking to my peers about my life experiences and hearing their stories that are similar to mine. I also like the creative movement. 8th grader.